The iTOVi scanner is a pocket-sized tool that helps decipher what specific products our body needs for optimal health and nutrition. It literally takes out the guessing game of what [we] need by listing up to 10 products the preferred company offers; I.E. essential oils + nutritional supplements. We absolutely LOVE iTOVi because it allows us to build productive orders to strategically grow our personal collection(s) based on what our unique body needs are. iTOVi scans are safe for everyone. This phenomenon is powered by proven scientific technology and algorithm(s), which you can learn more about by reading/watching below!


The iTOVi scanner combines bioimpedance, electrical frequency, pressure sensor, temperature, and bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations. Through the advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms the iTOVi scanner collects and crunches your unique information then delivers customized results that are relayed to you in the form of an easy to read and understand report. The products suggested are products that the person had a favorable response to -- and the entire process only takes about two minutes!  Your report can easily be texted or emailed to you for easy reference and the iTOVi scanner saves all your previous scans to easily compare. What [we] like most about this technology is the more you scan, the more unique data is stored and the iTOVi system gets to know you and provides even more precise results. So awesome! 

To learn even more about this incredible technology, watch the quick video below &/or click HERE.


It is important to understand that the iTOVi scanner/company is an unbiased third party offering its technology for optimal nutrition -- and how we decide to use it is entirely up to us! So if that's for business, pleasure, or both it's worth it. The iTOVi scanner is NOT exclusive to one company -- in fact there are a handful of companies compatible with the iTOVi scanner:

Young Living
Synergy Worldwide
Q Sciences
VEO Natural
Be Young
Natural Longevity
Nature’s Sunshine

If you are a customer &/or distributer of a company NOT listed above simply click HERE to request a partnership. It doesn't cost you or your company any money to be added to the list and will obviously provide a great service to you and your sphere. 


By Jennifer Pederson

I have had my iTOVi since the end of January 2016, and in addition to scanning myself, I have had the opportunity to scan my family, friends, and people within my Oily Adventures organization. Everyone's individual reports (including my own) have been SPOT ON. In fact, everyone has been blown away by the accuracy of their scans simply based off the recommended essential oils &/or nutritional supplements and the product descriptions provided. We're all going through different things in our lives, which have a direct impact on our health. When I first started using the iTOVi scanner it repeatedly suggested that my body would react well to increasing my whole body nutrition with various supplemental support etc. (which I had been seriously slacking in!), so I intentionally added the recommendations and have seen incredible improvements over several months (it is now July, 2016).  

I'm so excited to offer this tool to everyone I meet because I know first hand that it makes a huge difference in allowing productive efforts to achieve improved health and wellness -- which [to me] is what it's all about! I have found the iTOVi scanner to be extremely helpful when deciding what I need to order if I don't already have the recommended item. Why guess what your body needs when you can confirm with a simple, affordable, two minute scan?!


If you are already an essential "oiler" you probably know about Zyto Compass (or have at least heard of it), which until iTOVi was released has really dominated the market for this type of technology. However, in our opinion, there are several reasons why iTOVi is now superior to Zyto Compass.


  • Super Convenient. The iTOVi 'system' runs from a simple, free app on your iPhone or Android mobile device and the scanner/reader is about the size of a thumb drive, or a 5mL bottle of essential oil. It's wireless (runs on bluetooth) and holds a charge for several days/weeks -- and literally fits in your pocket or purse. If someone wanted to borrow your iTOVi, it would be super easy to share. However, contrary, the Zyto Compass system requires Windows Vista or 7, 8, or 10 to operate and is NOT compatible with Apple. In fact Zyto Corp. literally recommends people to purchase a PC in order to utilize their product because they will not guarantee or support users who run their system through Parallels or Boot Camp etc. since that is considered a "workaround" [source]. That's just a big fat NOPE.      
  • Improved Technology. The iTOVi reads over 250 biomarkers and with every scan the iTOVi system builds your unique data and gets to know you even better. Meaning, the more scans you do -- the more you become BFF's. This seems to be the opposite with Zyto. The Zyto Compass is only able to read 76 biomarkers and the reports are often drastically different when scanning multiple times, whether back-to-back or a few days apart. The company actually says, "in order to receive the most accurate results on subsequent scans a person should wait at least three weeks before getting scanned a second time..." NOPE. That's completely contradictory to this type of technology and I enjoy using my iTOVi scanner daily!
  • Similar Cost, Increased Value. There have been several updates to the iTOVi website, but it appears they are now offering two payment options for new customers; Basic or Choice. It's super easy to understand: The "Basic" plan is a one-time charge of $9.99 for the iTOVi device + $39.99 monthly software subscription OR The "Choice" option is a one-time charge of $799.99 for the iTOVi device, which includes Lifetime iTOVi Access (I.E. no monthly subscription fees - EVER). Whereas the Zyto Compass has one payment option: $399 + $39.95 subscription fee per month thereafter, FOREVER [source]. PLUS a new PC if you're a Mac user like me. NOPE.


To me it's a no brainer for iTOVi since it's way more convenient AND offers improved [more] efficient technology. In addition to two awesome payment options their referral program is also pretty dang awesome [click HERE to learn more about that]. Also, if you're an Apple user like I am you are immediately saving hundreds of dollars right off the bat since you wouldn't need to purchase PC. 

I HIGHLY recommend the iTOVi scanner to anyone who is wanting to achieve better health and is looking for specific product guidance on a daily basis. This is literally the most efficient + productive way to interpret what you and your families bodies react to uniquely, allowing for intentional health and wellness (support). I absolutely love the iTOVi scanner and simply can't recommend it enough!  - Jennifer Pederson

Whether you decide to get an iTOVi for just you &/or your families benefit, or to help grow your business is completely up to you. One thing is for sure, it will greatly help enhance YOUR health and wellness, including those you decide to share it with. 

If my review of the iTOVi scanner has sealed the deal for you to get your very own, you can click HERE or the button below to order yours. I would be so appreciative if you decided to use my referral link/code. In fact, if you would like to learn more about their referral program click HERE in case that's something you want to consider as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The default 'order now' URL belongs to Jennifer Pederson, founder of Oily Adventures. If you were referred here by her -- fantastic! However, if you were sent by a friend make sure to get your friends iTOVi referral link so you are attached to them. If you don't know their referral link URL -- ask them!