Young Living's Loyalty Program

The Perks of a Monthly Wellness Box!

If you are NOT a Young Living Wholesale Member yet but plan on ordering your Premium Starter Kit + want to add to your order -- consider also enrolling in Essential Rewards simultaneously because it's a strategic way to maximize your overall savings. If you are already a Young Living Wholesale Member and you are contemplating your next order OR have already been ordering regularly... you absolutely need to be placing those orders via Essential Rewards! We are ALL about saving money + earning free product, so here are some of the reasons we LOVE Essential Rewards: 

+ reduced shipping

+ customizable order + processing date each month

+ only need to order a minimum of 50PV to keep Essential Rewards "active"

+ eligible for Essential Rewards exclusive promotions at 100PV, 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV

+ eligible to earn between 10% - 25% cash back of your total orders to use toward consumable products  

+ when we make consecutive orders on Essential Rewards, we qualify for loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9, 12 and every anniversary

Here's a quick video for additional information: 

Essential Rewards InfoGraphic

Setting Up your essential rewards

When you log into your Virtual Office, click "Essential Rewards" and then follow the prompts! You can also call Young Living directly at +1-800-371-3515. 

Remember, every month Young Living offers generous promotions including an Essential Rewards Exclusive freebie so if you are ever close to 100pv, 190pv, 250pv, or 300pv, it's worth adding a little extra to hit the freebie tier. 

PRO TIP: It's super important to realize that just because something is saved in our cart doesn't mean it can't still go out of stock. Thankfully there are TWO fantastic solutions to this:

  • If your order is dialed in and ready to go, why wait? We have the option to "manually process"!
  • Set up PV Assistant. This is a convenient way to swap out an item that might have gone out of stock by the time your order processes. The PV Assistant allows us to add // save what we want in order of preference so our ER order never falls below a certain PV amount.   

PV = Personal Volume and typically all consumables are equal $/pv, however, there are some things that are not so always double check!

To learn more about Young Living lingo, click HERE.