It's [almost] Back to School!!

I just have one question: HOW is it August already?! It's hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and all the kiddos are back or getting ready to go back to school... Whether you have kids or not, August is a fresh new month to focus and gain Clarity before you move into the Fall season. The August promo is no Lemon! You are a GeneYus if you order 300pv on Essential Rewards to get all 9 FREE oils! Envision a household with happy Tummies and SleepyIze at bedtime. Once August 31 rolls around there will be a lot of SnifflEase for those who missed out on these freebies!!


Soak up what's left of the summer with these new products -- stock up and hit the freebie pv level of your choice (300pv is highly recommended this month!).  

Have you tried any of these?? What are you loving right now??