I used to be an essential oil skeptic, but two years ago I tried this blend from Young Living called Peace & Calming. It was one of the first few oils that radically worked for me, including my fur baby, Zoë. We naturally have super high anxiety and there's just something magical about this blend that immediately calms us down. Back then I wasn't sleeping either, and I noticed when I applied P&C to my feet + added a few drops in my diffuser, I was calmer and actually slept! Works like a charm, every. single. time.

If you're a Mama to tiny humans &/or fur babies you need this blend more than I do. I encourage you to try it because it will change your life. It actually came back in stock for about a week in December and while it's currently out of stock until further notice it IS available for FREE (while supplies last) during the month of January (like, right now). Check out the incredible January freebies HERE.  

Have you tried Peace & Calming? 

What is your favorite way to use Peace & Calming?