Our Jackpot January Giveaway Will Have More Than 50 Winners!

Will One Of Those Winners Be YOU?!

This year has been off to a GREAT start and some incredibly generous individuals who are part of our team have decided to celebrate in a BIG way with tons of amazing free oily stuff!! More than 50 people will be winning some pretty incredible prizes worth well over $5,000 in this mind-blowing giveaway. WOW!! Take a look at the photo below for details on what YOU could win!

Curious what the Rain stone Premium Starter Kit includes? Click HERE.

Curious about the Aroma Complete, too? Click HERE

Are you kidding me? How ridiculously fantastic are these prizes?! Are you feeling lucky?? If you're wondering how to get in on this -- it's super easy!

If you're an existing Wholesale Member all you have to do is order all your favorite Young Living products to increase your Personal Volume (PV). Orders placed between January 22-31 will earn bonus entries -- and yep, Essential Rewards orders count! 

If you're not a Young Living Wholesale Member yet, what a perfect time to jump on board because the Premium Starter Kit is 100PV. You can of course add to your order to increase your eligible entries, as well as qualify for Young Living's January Promo's -- totally up to you!

Here are all the ways you can win!

if you were ever going to splurge on some oils -- now is the time to pull the trigger!

All orders MUST be placed in the month of January, no exceptions. Once your order has been placed you can complete the entry form HERE. We have until February 5th to get our entry forms submitted. Please get in touch with the person who sent you here with any questions you may have &/or if you would like more information. If you're not part of our Oily Family yet, we would love to have you and look forward to hearing from you!

Good Luck Everyone!! We Can't Wait To See Who Wins The JACKPOT!!!

   Share with us what you ordered this month in a comment below!!