Achieve flawless skin through Young Living Essential Oils

If you have Young Living Essential Oils, you will quickly learn you basically have everything you need. These oils are so versatile and the DIY's are endless. We know not everyone is comfortable with DIY but let's begin by sharing that making your own face serum is as easy as making a protein shake! 

Just like the foods we put into our bodies, we should be caring about what products we are putting on our skin. After all it is our body's largest organ! Did you know that the cosmetic industry is one of the least regulated and one of the most corrupt industries? YIKES. There are lots of dangerous chemicals, synthetics, and way too many Endocrine Disruptors in most products for our taste -- which is why we absolutely LOVE how versatile Young Living Essential Oils are. We literally use these healing oils for whole body health, which of course includes skincare! 

You may be thinking, "wait, what. oils on my FACE? no." However, there is a lot of science as to why it is actually the best decision you'll ever make. Especially if this has been a struggle of yours and you're desperately wanting to achieve (or wanting to maintain) flawless, young looking skin. We promise you, making your own facial beauty products is ridiculously EASY. In the photo above are some of our favorite essential oils (left column) as well as base oils (right column) to make a ton of different skincare remedies depending on your unique issues. 

Trust us when we say you don't need to buy more "products" when, "There's an Oil for THAT!"


What is your favorite combo? Share in a comment, below!