Aloha everyone! I'm Amber and I started my Oily Adventure with Jennifer Pederson in February 2015, and it was the best decision I have made! I was the definition of a hot mess: severe anxiety, clinically depressed, stress levels off the chart -- you name it -- I was feeling it. After talking with Jenn, I decided to jump in head first and ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit. In a matter of days I was no longer feeling like I was drowning! Now, I use these essential oils for absolutely everything! Feeling a little down? Oil up! Feeling a sore throat coming on? Oil up! My kids are on the verge of making me forget my own name? Oil up! (Both myself AND my kids!!) Burned myself? Oil up! Son fell on concrete and put a hole in his forehead? Grab the oil bag and oil up on the way the the ER! We are literally using these oils in every aspect of our lives -- in fact, there isn't anything we don't use these therapeutic oils for! 

If you would like to experience the power of Young Living Essential Oils for you and your family, too, I highly recommend getting started the same way I did, which is with a Premium Starter Kit. If you would like more information before getting started, please don't hesitate to ask me questions! The best part about being a Young Living Member is the unlimited support -- you will never feel alone on this Oily Journey. We all have to start somewhere -- and I'm here to help!

If you're ready to order your oils, click the "order now" button below to get started by following the prompts to check out!

Need Some Help Choosing A Premium Starter Kit?!

There are a few different Premium Starter Kits for you to choose from. The most popular when first getting started is the Premium Starter Kit with the Home Diffuser or the Dew Drop Diffuser. Take a look at the slide below, for a visual of everything that is included in each Premium Starter Kit! Let me know if you have ANY questions. I remember having a lot when first getting started, so I know the drill!

Remember, there are no strings attached when creating an account, ordering a kit, etc. If you're familiar with Wholesale Clubs like Costco or Sam's etc. then you already know the perks and process. You can click the "order now" button above to get started by following the prompts to check out.