When I discovered essential oils I was a busy, stressed, tired, and moody Mom trying to pass my real estate exam. I wasn’t eating healthy and I was noticing that my health was declining. My skin was breaking out, I was lethargic, losing my appetite, and my headaches were returning on a daily basis. I am already prone to headaches and migraines due to an inoperable benign brain tumor and a couple brain cysts, one you can actually feel from the outside at the base of my skull. I used to go to urgent care when a bad one hit and get prescribed all kinds of pain killers and pain injections that would make me groggy and cause me to miss school and work. But as a new Mom, I didn’t want to resort to that kind of treatment anymore.

So, I started researching natural alternatives and read articles about how everything I was using on, in, and around my body were toxic and could trigger some nasty side effects, one being headaches. That research led me to the world of essential oils and it sent me on a path to greener living and healthier eating.

I ended up diving in and purchased a Young Living starter kit. I learned how to use the essential oils in the kit to elevate my mood, eliminate toxins within my home, how to support every system in my body, and how to use them as part of a daily wellness routine. I immediately started replacing the synthetic air freshers, candles, wax melts, and plugins that were triggering my headaches to strictly diffusing essential oils and making my own air fresheners. I cut out the toxic cleaning sprays, even the “organic” ones, and made my own with essential oils. And of course, I started eating more fruits and veggies and less processed foods. I started noticing a huge difference in the way I was feeling.

That was the start of it all for me and I haven’t had a migraine in almost 2 years. Plus, as a mom to a little girl I feel wonderful knowing I am providing a non-toxic environment for her. My goal is to help as many people I can cut the toxins out of their life and use oils to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit for yourself and your family.

I could go on forever about all of the ways essential oils have changed the way I live! I am super excited to help you in your Oily Adventure through Young Living and get you on your way to a natural healthy way of living! I definitely recommend investing in the Premium Starter Kit! You get a set of 11 oils, a diffuser, plus much more for only $160! I hope your Oily Adventure is just as great as mine has been!

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Need Some Help Choosing A Premium Starter Kit?!

There are a few different Premium Starter Kits for you to choose from. The most popular when first getting started is the Premium Starter Kit with the Home Diffuser or the Dew Drop Diffuser. Take a look at the slide below, for a visual of everything that is included in each Premium Starter Kit! Let me know if you have ANY questions. I remember having a lot when first getting started, so I know the drill!

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